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This web site has been prepared by Prof Saim Yılmaz MD, who is a well-known specialist in interventional radiology. The aim of this web site is to provide accurate and objective information on the interventional radiologic procedures, which are becoming more and more important in the management of cancer patients. We strongly advice our patients to share this information with their primary physicians and ask their opinion before they decide to undergo any of the interventions described here.

Prof Saim Yılmaz has been working as an interventional radiologist since 1992, when he completed his residency in radiology. During that time, he visited many interventional radiology centers in USA and Europe, participated more than 100 scientific congresses and symposiums, made over 100 scientific oral or poster presentations, wrote over 70 scientific papers, presented over 50 invited lectures and received 7 awards for his studies. In 2012, Prof Yılmaz established “The Mediterranean Integrative Oncology Group” with a group of professors from the Akdeniz University.

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